Jellycat Tea Party

The Amuseable Clouds feel like they ARE Cloud 9 when they drink Heavenly Cream Sloane Tea. 

Jellycat Tea Party

Can't Sleep??  Try Counting Sheep and drinking Rouge Provence, Ginger Twist or Citron Calm caffeine-free Sloane Tea.

Jellycat Tea Party


Cordy Roy Fox and Didi Hedgehog enjoy Jasmine Mist in their Robert Bateman Fox Mugs. 

Jellycat Tea Party


Perry Polar Bear says "Winter White is my colour, but Signature Black is my Tea."

Perry Polar Bear enjoys Signature Black Tea

Sacha Snow Tiger is teaching her cub that you are only as bold as your tea. 

Sacha starts each day with a cup of Bold Breakfast by Sloane Tea.  RRARRRR!

Jellycat Tea Party

The pineapples amuse themselves with a spot of Tropical Green and Marrakesh Mint tea.

Pineapple Tea Party


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