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Spring Cleaning Sale at Dream Weaver NOW - April 30th.

Canadian Canadian Made Envious Fashion Meemoza Miss Lulo Parkhurst Sweaters Sale Yoga Jeans

Yoga Jeans - made in Montreal

These jeans are figure flattering, comfortable, trendy, made in Canada and best of all, 50% off until the end of April!!  You need these jeans in your life! We have great styles to choose from including: crop, boot cut, skinny, flare and distressed! In a variety of colours and hues: white, light wash, dark wash, black and grey. We have sizes from 24-34. 

Dresses - Miss Lulo and Cherry Velvet

Be transported back to the marvelous era of the 50s. Whether your sipping a soda from the fountain, got a date at the drive-in or entering in hula hoop competition these dresses are oh so cute and perfect for any occasion! These dresses are not only gorgeous, but are made of only top quality material and made right here in Canada! No matter your shape or size you will look great and feel great! These dresses accentuate your figure in all the best ways and with fabric that is soft and stretchy it is perfect for all seasons! 40% off until the end of April.

Scarves, gloves & mitts - fraas

Fraas is beautiful quality products at a very reasonable price. Slim winter gloves serve a dual purpose in keeping you warm and being the perfect accessory! They come in an array of rich colours from light grey to deep mauve and burgundy. Fraas scarves consist of three things: stunning colours and designs, incredibly soft materials and durability. These scarves were built to last and make you look fabulous all the while! And bonus they're 50% off until the end of the month!

Meemoza - made in Montreal, Canada

This line of dresses is absolutely darling. They come in array of vintage designs, with high waists and sweetheart necklines, fun designs and high quality materials. These dresses are made in Montreal, the fashion capital of Canada. With the help of these stunning pieces you'll be ready to walk the catwalk, take lead at the conference or even enjoy date night at the swing jazz festival. 50% off. 

Select Parkhurst Knitwear - made in Toronto, Canada

Parkhurst is made of high quality materials, notably their Cotton Country line is made of 100% recycled cotton. As true Canadians they have unique vintage jersey style sweaters with maple leafs on the front in grey &pink, blue&white, red&white and cream & grey. Pankhurst also carries amazing and timeless cardigans and ponchos perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.  30% off until the end of April 

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