Spring has arrived at Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver is blooming with peonies, posies, lavender, lilac and lots of florals.

Posies is the NEWEST fragrance by Michel Design Works. The spicy floral of Posies features tuberose and bergamot with splashes of freesia, rose, and cognac. 


Lilac and Violets is always a favourite. 

The fragrance of wild blooming lilacs with undertones of hyacinth, violets and white carnation takes me back to my childhood when I have a Lilac tree just outside my window. The smell of the lilac blooms announced spring.



What could be more fresh and bright than LEMONS? 🍋🍋

We have Jellycat lemons, Michel Design Works Lemon Basil soaps, cleaners, aprons & tea towels and gorgeous cotton PJ's and robes in fresh lemon patterns. 

Say HELLO to Spring at Dream Weaver at both of our locations:

Bayshore Shopping Centre - 3rd floor and Carlingwood Mall. 



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