Step aside humans! The bunnies have arrived...With treats and cuteness.

Easter is such a beautiful time of year. With all of the cute plush bunnies, spring colours, wonderfully decorated eggs, family, friends, delicious treats, and a sense of rejuvenation - there is no denying it's a uniquely wonderful season. We love to indulge in, and extend the warm and fuzzies that come with it, and that's why we love to create and deliver the most thoughtful and luxurious gifts. And we're happy to announce that we'll be offering local Ottawa-Gatineau delivery for Easter gifts through Saturday April 15th this year!

Easter Gift Delivery Ottawa

Speaking of uniquely beautiful, one of our favourite brands to carry comes all the way from London, England with the softest and most unique soft toys around. JellyCat prides itself on offering high quality plush toys made with the most luxurious fabrics from the coolest designs. Absolutely lovable (and collectible!) we love to carry JellyCat creations, and include them in many of our Easter Gifts

Our Easter Surprise Gift Box features a surprise small JellyCat bunny snuggled in with an assortment of Easter goodies. Order one today - we're happy to send it anywhere in Canada or the US, and we'll include your personalized message.

Apart from the beautiful, snuggly bunnies...we've also decided to feature our favourite bird, Odette the Ostrich. She may not be an Easter chick, but she is full of spunky cuteness and surely unforgettable. Order her on her own, and watch out for the option to upgrade to include her in some of our Easter gift boxes!

Jelly Cat Odette Ostrich | Dream Weaver Boutique Ottawa Canada


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