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Milk & Honey Body Lotion | The Perth Soap Co.


Our body lotion is formulated to give your skin instant hydration, and the infusion of luxurious Argan Oil ensures that hydration lasts for hours at a time.

Gentle and enriched with Argan Oil, The Perth Soap Co. body lotions are pH balanced, contain fast-absorbing ingredients and are infused with specialty fragrances that embody luxury.

As with all of our products, The Perth Soap Co. body lotions are paraben free, phthalate free and are not tested on animals.

 Did you know?

Cleopatra bathed in Donkey Milk as a skincare treatment. The lactic acid exfoliated and rejuvenated the skin. Egyptian women often mixed milk and honey to create moisturizing face masks. Honey was popular for it's sweet smell and hydrating capabilities. If you don't want to bathe in Donkey Milk, you are better off with our Perth Soap Milk & Honey Cleansing Bar and Milk & Honey Cleansing Oil. 


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