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Provisions Food Company - Pear & Riesling Jam

Provisions Food Company - Pear & Riesling Jam


Freshly pickled pears are steeped with aromatic Riesling wine to preserve the best of the season all year long. Excellent with washed rind and blue cheeses. GLUTEN FREE

Ingredients: Pears, sugar, riesling, fruite pectin (dextrose pectin, fumaric acid), citric acid & pear flavor (Natural flavors, propylene glycol ethyl alcohol) // pours, sucre, riesling, pectine de fruits (dextrose pectine, aside fumarique), aside citriques & saver de pours (saver naturelle, propylene, glycol, alcohol ethylique.) 125mL

Des poires fraichement cueillies macérées au Riesling donne a cette confiture le gout exquis des saveurs de fruits d'automne. Cette confiture est us vrai délice avec les fromages a croute laver et les fromages bleus. SANS GLUTEN. 




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