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Cereal & Milk Bar - Alicja Confections Postcard Chocolate Bar

Cereal & Milk Bar - Alicja Confections Postcard Chocolate Bar


Handmade in Ottawa, Ontario, Alicja Confections produces delicious chocolate bars packaged in beautiful, unique postcard envelopes - hence "Postcard Chocolate Bar".

So what is a Postcard Chocolate Bar?

Well to answer your question...A Postcard Chocolate Bar is a chocolate bar you can send in the mail!

Each bar is packaged in an air tight bag, and put into a colourful envelope. The front of the envelope showcases the design and the type of bar. The back has a space for a message, address, and stamp.

This flavour, cereal & milk, is a white postcard chocolate bar with honey cereal and freeze dried marshmallows.

Cereal & Milk is a 28% white chocolate bar. Slightly sweet cereal with freeze dried marshmallows. 

The best way to describe this bar: Imagine the left over milk from the sugary cereal you ate while watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Gluten-free friendly.

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