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Słodka Sól - Alicja Confections Postcard Chocolate Bar

Słodka Sól - Alicja Confections Postcard Chocolate Bar


Handmade in Ottawa, Ontario, Alicja Confections produces delicious chocolate bars packaged in beautiful, unique postcard envelopes - hence "Postcard Chocolate Bar".

So what is a Postcard Chocolate Bar?

Well to answer your question...A Postcard Chocolate Bar is a chocolate bar you can send in the mail!

Each bar is packaged in an air tight bag, and put into a colourful envelope. The front of the envelope showcases the design and the type of bar. The back has a space for a message, address, and stamp.

This flavour,åÊs?âodka sÌ_l is a milk postcard chocolate bar with toffee bits and pink himalayan salt. Translated from Polish means "sweet salt". this bar has sweet toffee bits and Himalayan salt. dedicated to the country of Poland, for their famous salt mines! everyone likes this bar. a little sweet, and little salty - it's truly a crowd pleaser. gluten-free friendly.

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