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Bourbon Vanilla Diffuser | Pure Home Couture Apothecary

Bourbon Vanilla Diffuser | Pure Home Couture Apothecary


Fragrance in your home can express harmony, opulence or sensuality to your guests and loved ones. It can transport you to a Mediterranean seaside and evoke an armful of tender blossoms or a carpet of woodland greens. These reed diffusers are an extension of our love affair with fragrance, for your space.

This diffuser is a smokeless, flameless alternative to candles as a way to scent your space. It delivers constant diffusion with the weekly flipping of the reeds and lasts for months.

This rich, smokey and sweet Bourbon Vanilla is evocative of our childhood memories, warm and comforting. Picture a farmhouse kitchen with Madagascar Vanilla pods, butter, caramel and woody base notes.

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