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Dawn Cherry Tea | The Canada Collection


A blend from the CANADA COLLECTION!

A premium green tea with legendary attitude . . . A blast of "Cherry" delivers a truly sensational taste experience.

Ingredients: Green tea, linden flowers, red plum petals, rose hips, rose petals, natural flavourings.

Did you Know?

Don Cherry the co-host of the "Coach's Corner" intermission segment on the long-running Canadian sports program Hockey Night in Canada is Nicknamed "Grapes" (a play on his last name and "sour grapes") due to his blunt, direct, and occasionally controversial opinions which have for years drawn the ire, and admiration, of hockey fans across the country. 

But More importantly, Cherry (85) is married to Canadian musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist LUBA (61).  "Let it go, Let it go, let it free your body, let it move your soul."  Luba wrote this LONG before the musical "Frozen" btw!

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