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PJ Harlow Satin Pillowcase Set

PJ Harlow Satin Pillowcase Set


A set of luxurious satin pillowcases to elevate your decor and your beauty regime! Satin pillowcases help to prevent frizzing in your hair and will help reduce sleep lines and wrinkles versus sleeping on cotton pillowcases. These elegant pillowcases are available in a standard size of 20" x 28" or 51 cm x 71 cm and six beautiful pastel hues.

Tina McMillen, designer and owner of PJ Harlow, has created a loungewear collection that flatters, pampers, soothes, and caresses the body.

PJ Harlow loungewear is designed for women by a woman. The entire collection is proudly produced in the USA. A California based business inviting you to take a minute, relax, and feel fabulous.

Combinations of buttery soft knits and silky soft satin create complete body clothing harmony. All of our products are machine washable and dryer safe making them easy to care for.

Beautiful colors, soft luxurious fabrics, and a feminine comfortable fit are why these products are the favorite among many women around the world. PJ Harlow will be your favorite too!

Whether you're in for the evening, spending a day at the spa, or simply taking a relaxing moment for yourself PJ Harlow promises you the ultimate experience in soft dressing.

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