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Beer Snacks Nut Mix


Comes in 6 amazing flavours:

Sweet and Spicy Malaysia Mix: Sweet, salty, spicy and nutty is what this mix packs into a handful. The Sweet & Salty Malay mix is a hearty mix of peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts tossed in an addictive Malaysian coating that keeps you salivating between bites.

Canadian Classic Sweet Peanuts: A snack so loved, we had to include it in our product line. Simply sweet, simply addictive, enjoy these tasty peanuts with your favourite chilled fizzy beverage or by themselves. They also pair nicely with an aged spirit.

Chinese Sichuan Peanuts: An addictive beer accompaniment. Fiercely hot, with the citrusy tingle of numbingness. You won’t be able to stop once you pop the first peanut into your mouth.
Jamaican Jerk Mixed Nuts A flavourful, robust nut mixture, bound to have you coming back for more. With such a complex blend of spices, the Jerk mixed nuts pack a punch of flavour and slightly spicy finish.
Puerto Rican Smokey Chipotle Peanuts:  A smokey chipotle peanut mix bursting with flavour. The Adobo Peanuts are inspired by Puerto Rican flavours that bring a garlicy, salty explosion of flavour to each bite. This snack pairs well with a light lager or crisp pilsner.
Indian Channa Chickpeas: Take in the depth of flavours presented by this aromatic blend of Southeast Asian spices. Each crunchy chickpea is packed with a delicious blend of spices that fills your mouth with a savoury and complex experience.
Greek Peanuts Savoury Garlic:  An exotic flavour adventure that’s both salty and savoury. Enjoy these garlicky peanuts with a beer or wine. Great for those looking for something delicious, but not spicy.

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