Amazing Features of Modal and Lyocell Fabric

11 Amazing features of Modal and lyocell Fabric

Modal is an eco-conscious and luxurious fabric. It is a completely organic form of rayon. Lyocell is an eco-friendly fabric made from different types of trees, including beech trees and eucalyptus.

Modal is

1. SOFT. 

2. Flexible  - it keeps its shape and fits well 

3. Breathable. 

4. Hangs well.

5. Eco-friendly. Modal is made from plants and uses fewer chemicals. 

6. Water absorbant. Modal is 50% more absorbant than cotton. Micropores absorb liquids.

7. Doesn't Pill. 

8. Colour fast - modal does not bleed its dye. 

9. Will not shrink

10. Biodegradable

11. Won't crease.