Dream Weaver Certified - Shop Responsibly

Β Dream Weaver is committed to making responsible shopping effortless and fun. We've made it even easier with Dream Weaver Certifications - 8 product designations that help you pick products that make you and the planet happy!

Just look for the following symbols on our products to know how your purchases benefit people & the planet.



What does it mean: Products that are made in Canada will feature this symbol.


What does it mean: Sustainability can mean many things and as a result there are 3 different reasons a product may qualify as sustainably made.

  1. The production process uses fewer resources: products that are made with a conscious effort to use fewer resources such as water & electricity can be given this designation.
  2. The product is made with sustainable materials: sustainable materials have less impact on the environment than their traditional counterparts. For example using natural fibers such as cotton and linen is better for the environment than synthetic fibers such as nylon.Β 
  3. Small batch production: When products are made in small batches there are two large positive effects on the environment. First, with small batch productionΒ it is unlikely for a surplus of products to be made and prevents excess from going to landfills. Second, small batch production is generally done by hand meaning there are fewer inputs in the production process and less waste is generated. For example, manufacturing with machines often required more energy, water, or fuel.Β 


What does it mean:Β ProductsΒ made with 100% natural ingredients are given this designation. When an ingredient is natural that means that it is naturally occurring in nature and has not been man made or severely processed. For example, natural bath & bodyΒ have no syntheticΒ fragrancesΒ are often given theirΒ scent from essential oils derived from plants.Β Β 


What does it mean: An item is considered vegan and will bear this symbol if it is produced without any animal products.Β 


What does it mean: Bath & body products that do not test on animals are given this designation. All of our bath & body products are cruelty-free.Β 


What does it mean: Any product that has been certified as organic will get this designation.Β Food, clothing and bath & body products can all fall within this category. A product must be certified as organic by a third party to qualify for this designation. While the definition of organic varies slightly depending on the certifying body, organic generally means that artificial chemicals are not used in the production of an item.Β 


What does it mean: products made a company that was founded and/or owned by a women are given this designation.Β 


What does it mean: products that are made by Canadian companies but are not made within Canada will have this symbol attached to them.


If you have any questions about Dream Weaver Certifications or are interested in details about a specific product please contact usΒ through our contact us form or the live chat.



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