Collection: Canadian Military Button Jewelry πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

This Canadiana jewelry collection features mixed metal pendants from molds ofΒ Vintage Canadian military buttons.

Medallion Making Process:Β  Vintage Canadian military buttons are molded in silicone using a wax injector. Once completed, the wax buttons were converted into medallions using special tools to change the shape of the buttons until they resembled the shape of a medallion. The new wax medallions were then cast into metal and new silicon molds were made of each design. The necklace’s silver frames were then carved from jewelry wax and through the same process, the frames got cast into sterling silver.

The collection features: Crowns, Coat of Arms, Lion holding a maple leaf, Canadian beaver, Maple leafs, foliage, and bird all representing the beauty of Canada.

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