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Barefoot Venus, for the Canadian Goddess within!

Three sisters, born in Alberta and living in British Columbia, Cindy, the ingredient guru, Myra, the creative visionary, & Lisa the savvy service executive, createdΒ Barefoot Venus in 1999 with a passion to experience indulgence in the everyday.
Dream WeaverΒ loves Barefoot Venus because the fragrances are divine, the packaging exquisite and the products top-drawer!!Β 

Lee Anne, Dream Weaver owner, personally uses the Lemon Freckle Products EVERY DAY.Β  As Lee Anne is a self-confessed TRUE CANUCK with a tremendous sweet tooth she is also really in love with Maple Blondie - which kind of sums her up!

Welcome to the world of Barefoot Venus… be prepared to glow like the Goddess you are!

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