Canadian Made: Parkhurst Knitwear on Sale!

We are so excited to introduce Parkhurst Knitwear to you! Parkhurst Knitwear is a 92 year-old, 3 generation, family-owned knitting mill located in Toronto Canada.

Parkhurst Knitwear is North America’s largest knitting operation. Parkhurst manufactures men's and women's sweaters, accessories and home products.

The company started inΒ 1926Β with the production of Soft Felted Wool Berets and has diversified to produce 4 Branded Collections:Β Parkhurst Accessories, Parkhurst Sweaters, Cotton Country Sweaters by Parkhurst, and Outdoor Edition by Parkhurst.Β 

Parkhurst stocks many different yarns including high end Italian Merino, 100% combed cotton, super soft blend of cotton/rayon but specialize in our famous RECYCLED eco-friendly cotton blend yarn that is exclusive to us. Each year we are able to recycle literally tons of fabric back into yarn and stop 1,000’s of lbs of excess material from going to landfill.Β