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Tea For TWO

I'm sure you're curious what ALL of our teas taste like.  Well, we have a deal on now so that you can try them all.  Buy One, get the 2nd 50% off.  Choose any flavour and buy as many as you'd like.

Try Sloane Tea, Tease Tea and Vahdam Teas. 

If you are looking for an exquisite collection of teas, try my personal favourite, Weekend in Paris.  

    Come fall in love with 9 of our most exotic Herbal, Black, and Chai Teas that will transport you straight under the Eiffel Tower and set the mood for a memorable date.

    • Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea
    • Chocolate Vanilla Herbal Tea
    • Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea
    • Hibiscus Rush Black Tea
    • Blooming Rose Black Tea
    • Turmeric Saffron Herbal Tea
    • Vanilla Spice Chai Tea
    • Kashmiri Kahwa Chai Tea
    • Turmeric Chamomile Herbal Tea

    Of course, our best selling Sloane Tea is Heavenly Cream, a Dream Weaver favourite. A divine tea, full of creamy richness and velvety smoothness - heavenly in every way. A beautiful long leaf Ceylon is blended with balanced notes of bergamot and creamy vanilla.

    Tea Profile - Golden amber liquor, medium-bodied, velvety smooth with a lengthy and creamy vanilla linger.

    Shake it Off Tea by Tease Tea from Ottawa is perfect for this time of year with Green Tea & Echinacea.

     Earl Grey Classic by Sloane Tea is a blend of black tea with a robust portion of beautifully aromatic Italian bergamot oil.

    Of course, once you've travelled to Paris, you must go to London!

    Quintessentially elegant like the city of London, this tea gift box contains an elaborate collection of 9 signature Black Teas and classic Masala Chai Teas.

    • Assam Black Tea
    • Classic English Breakfast Blak Tea
    • India Original Masala Chai
    • Unitea Darjeeling & Assam Black Tea
    • Nilgiri Breakfast Black Tea
    • Early Grey Citrus Balck Tea
    • Autumnal Ruby Black Tea
    • Earl Grey Masala Chai
    • Himalayan Breakfast Black Tea

    After all of that travelling, you are going to want to take it down a notch and what better way than with a cup of Chill Out Cherry by Tease Tea. 

    Of course, another calming tea is Citron Calm. This popular tisane is a melange of Egyptian chamomile flowers, rose hips and subtle slices of citrus fruit with the warmth of Indian Lemongrass. 


    After a great night sleep, you want to get up & GO.  Start your day with Mate Boost by Tease Tea. 

    An energy and metabolism boosting blend, with yerba maté and a citrusy finish, to keep you on top of your game. Maté boosts energy for sustained periods of time.

    Steep time: 5-6 minutes. Antioxidant level: High. Caffeine level: Medium

    NOW, if you are ready to go all out and get the Mecca of tea, you need the Bloom, 12 Tin Caddy Gift Set.  

    100+ Cups

    Indulge in a play of flavours with this exquisite gift set of 12 of our most alluring in-house blends.
    • Cardamom Masala Chai - 20 g
    • Ginger Masala Chai - 20 g
    • High Mountain Oolong Tea - 20 g
    • Turmeric Tulsi Herbal Tea Tisane - 25 gm
    • Classic English Breakfast Black Tea - 20 gm
    • Assam Exotic Summer Black Tea  - 20 gm
    • Fennel Spice Masal Chai - 20 gm
    • Himalayan Green Tea - 20 gm
    • Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Tisane  - 25 gm
    • Double Spice Masala Chai - 20 gm
    • Lemon Ginger Green Tea - 20 gm
    • Roasted Darjeeling Summer Black Tea - 20 gm

    Well, you've go so many teas to choose from.

    Stock up now and then plan a High Tea with your Bestie.