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You are NEVER too old for Jellycat

Did your mom or grandma grow up during the war?
Did you know that they never got beautiful stuffies when they were little girls?

I had a lovely customer in her 70's who fell in love with our Odette. She bought one for herself and one for her friend, as they were still 2 little girls inside who just wanted a plush toy to love.

You are never too old for Jellycat. 

Odette the Ostrich - Mother & Daughter


It's Lunch Time!!  Meet us at the Lunch Counter!!   I knew Avocado Toast was big, but I didn't realize how much eveyone LOVES the Jellycat Avocado Mamma & Baby.  Its Suishi with Avocado for lunch followed by Pineapple, Cherries & Ice Cream for dessert. 

Jellycat Foodies

Under the Sea!

Join Odell the octopus and his friends, Inky the Octopus, Stan the Stingray, Skye Starfish, Sol Squid, Coral Cutie Seahorse, Florrie Malfish, Herman Hermit Crab, Larry Lobster, Wally Whale, Disco FIsh, Sea Sorbet Narwal and Wilbur Whale.

The crew got together & had a party in our antique cast-iron claw-footed bath tub. 

Under The Sea Jellycat


Agua Lily Large Mermaid decided to sunbathe on her disco balls with her disco fish!

You are NEVER too old for Jellycat