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We LOVE Canada's Sloane Fine TeaΒ at Dream Weaver.Β Β Β 

Sloane Tea, Canada's Premium Tea Collection, is 100% blended and packaged in Toronto and served coast to coast on Via Rail.Β  Owner and founder, Hoda ParipoushΒ is a Tea Sommelier and has her Perfume Degree from Grasse France.Β  Hoda approaches tea, much like one approaches perfume, with Top Notes, Heart Notes & Base Notes. That is why her tea is so delicious, full-bodied and complex.Β 
Sloane tea buys directly from the producer, has access to the season's best crop and freshest ingredients and delivers a premium product.Β 
Dream Weaver proudly carries EVERY flavour of Sloane Tea in ALL formats.Β 
Make sure you try our personal favourite, Heavenly Cream.Β 
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